Knowledge in Goods and Service Tax

GST Registration Guide

Goods and service Tax,Registration Mechansim under GST




A change in the price of a commodity affects its demand. We can find the elasticity of demand, or the degree of responsiveness of demand by comparing the percentage price changes with the quantities demanded. In this article, we will look at the concept of elasticity of demand and take a quick look at its various types


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GST ––Constitutional Provisions and Features of Constitution

“Goods and services tax” means any tax on supply of goods, or services or both except taxes on the supply of the alcoholic liquor for human consumption GST shall be levied and collected by the Central Government and such tax shall be apportioned between the Union and the States in the manner as may be provided by Parliament by law on the recommendations of GST Council.

Municipal Corporation , Municipality and List of current Mayor

It tells us about the information Regarding Municipalities and Municipal Corporation. Mayors important roles include leadership, promoting positive Relationships ...This sort of Information will definitely help the UPSC aspirant because this are some of the basic information a person should know for any exams whether it is am SSC , UPSC or any civil Service exams going around in india apart from that A Mayor plays a very Important Role in Control of the City . As he is one of main person Responsible for what's going around in the city A Municipal Corporation is Ruled by an IAS Officer which is a very Big Responsibly taken by the person.

Gst - Suppy of goods and service

These notes are about the supply of goods and services which come under gst of 3rd year DU of bcom hons