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Mughals in India

Mughals in India


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Racism is defined as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.” Many people commonly believe in the illogical fact that racism has been present since time immemorial. People also argue that they have always hated or feared people of a different nation or skin colour. Such insensitive attitude and mind-set of we people have led to this unfair ideology i.e.  Racism nearly being a part of human nature.

Britain's queen mother

Nine days of state mourning at the passing away of Britain's queen mother, will mark a unique era because the racehorse loving, gin and tonic drinking 'grand old mum', as the Brits called her, literally lived through the entire 20th century. While TV channels put out some black and white archival footage from another age, the formerly reverential BBC attracted criticism because its newscasters did not wear black ties and they discussed the event with a frankness that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. She was widowed 50 years ago. A relic I still have in my possession amongst my naval memorabilia is a black, mourning armband issued to us when king George VI died on February 6, 1952. It was dispatched by Messrs Gieves of Old Bond Street in London, the naval tailors 'By appointment to the King'. I recall listening to the last Christmas day broadcast of King George VI, with his consort by his side, while sitting at a dinner to which my fellow cadet, Narinder Lal Khullar, and I were invited by an English family in Surrey and how by tradition they listened in rapt attention. Then a few weeks later we were to receive news of his death while we were at sea on board our training cruiser HMS Devonshire headed for the Caribbean. As we proceeded to drop anchor in Barbados harbour, we were struck first, by the magnificent sight of flying fish which kept darting across the placid blue waters, and then, by the great alacrity with which mourning bands were delivered to us for the funeral ceremonies. Inevitably, we were billed by 'Messrs Thieves' for five shillings, a princely sum then, because our pay was four shillings a day. Brought up as I was in a family known for thrift, I had put that piece of uniform safely away and which, as it happened, came in handy a year later following the death of the then queen mother, Mary. Our pay had doubled to eight shillings by then, we having been promoted as midshipmen, and the commander-in-chief in Malta was Louis Mountbatten. He was a close member of the royal family, a cousin of George VI and of course he and his wife Edwina flew to London for the funeral service in Westminster Abbey. But the formalities connected with a royal funeral were meticulously observed by all ships of the Mediterranean fleet and thus that black armband became an absolute necessity.


THE presentation is given below on political science in nationalism in india.etc #lady shri ram college of women


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The Carnatic Wars

The article gives a comprehensive view on the Anglo-French rivarly that lead to the eventual fall of the French in India.

Dalit political parties in tamil nadu

The details about the dalit political parties in tamil nadu has been given .

The Role of South India in Indian Freedom Struggle

A brief note on the role of South India in Indian Freedom Struggle.


The Role of south india in India's Freedom Struggle is often ignored . This topic will give a brief idea on South India's role in Freedom Struggle.


This topic gives light on the most crucial war fought on indian soil by the colonial powers-British and French.


The Non Brahmin Movement which began in the early 1900 CE changed the socio-political pathway of Tamil Nadu.